The Survivor Story of Arnelle: An Introduction

Introduction I am from the land called Africa, from a little country called Liberia. It is amazing what I have learned from my past by what I have seen and by what I have been told by others. I am going to make you take the journey with me into my past to make you to understand a bit about my present, but you will never know my future.

This book is the story of how I became a survivor by escaping the war in Liberia and going to the Ivory Coast to live alone without my mother. While my mother Deborah was being treated badly by our Stepfather AmiShasi in Nigeria, we had to go back to Liberia.

Then, escaping another war in Liberia, we went to Nigeria, where I lived with my mother for six months and almost got killed by armed robbers. Ghana was where we lived, in a Liberian refugee camp, and then we returned to Liberia. We escaped yet another war in Liberia and went back to Ghana to live again in the Liberian refugee camp, where we stayed until my family and I came to live in Canada so we could have a good life and a good education.

We were soon to find out that life was not going to be as good as we all dreamed it would be, because after three years of living in Canada, my mother died.
Things got harder for me because I became a new mother and I had to learn to take care of a newborn baby all by myself.

Please read this book carefully to understand every character and why they behaved in the ways they did. This book is full of many mixed emotions, so do not be surprised when you find yourself laughing and crying at the same time, even in the same chapter.

For me, that was life and I called it normal, the intense feeling of hurt and joy all at the same time.


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