Author Arnelle .M Cruz Experience At The Oscars Gala.

First let me say that I was a bit nervous due to the fact that I have not traveled in a very long time and with all that is happening around the world had me a bit nervous. My dreams for my book to become successful and to get my story into the right hands, plus having such loving supportive husband and kids became my motivation.

Going to the Oscars Gala with not knowing what to really expect as to how people will receive my story, I must say the environment was loving and inviting. There were many happy faces and people took their time to listen to my story and took interest in my story. Which for me was a blessing that came only from Jehovah God and his son Jesus Christ because without them, my trip wouldn’t have been made possible.

I got the chance to meet many wonderful people and had the opportunity of capturing our memories in pictures which I am sharing with all of you.

Not everyone is brave enough to chase their dreams and watch their dreams become successful, but I say to you, no dream is too small. If you determine enough to chase your dreams and never stop believing in yourself, you will get the chance to watch your dreams become bigger than you imagined it to be.


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