About the Author

Arnelle M. Cruz was born in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa and has been a writer ever since she was a child.

Her mother never took any interest in her writing, but Arnelle knew that she would write her own story one day. She always knew that one day she would become very successful and her experience with the war and trauma did not stop her dream.

Six months after she came to Canada, she made it on Canadian national TV and national newspapers for Canadian Idol Season 2. Her dream was short-lived because a Canadian Idol judge told her that her voice sounded worse than dogs barking in the street.

Though she didn’t have the voice and accent the judges were looking for, she knew her voice was in her writing.

Her mother died in 2006 and two days before her mother died, she told her mother she needed pen and paper because there was something she needed to write. Not knowing what it was she wanted to write on the last night she got to spend with her mother, but six years after her mother’s death, in 2012 she realized what she wanted to write.

What she wanted to write was the story of her life.